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        Shanghai DV Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Qingpu District, Shanghai the birthplace of the first vacuum equipment in China. The company consists of the staff who have been engaged in vacuum industry for several decades .They are absolutely professional  forward-looking and creative.
        The major products are DVB series Roots vacuum pump、 DVL liquid ring vacuum pump、DVS screw vacuum pump. Among them, DVB series Roots vacuum pump is our company’s featured products .It is totally independently researched and developed,  using the most modern production technology、 machinery and equipment to process and manufacture and making up for most weak points of traditional Roots vacuum pump perfectly. Our neoteric, exquisite packaging, unique sealing mode and special details are also the advantages over other companies.
         Our company’s vacuum products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, energy, military, electronics, chemical, metallurgy, textile, food, medicine, environmental protection and other high-tech fields. The advanced technology, high-quality services have won high praise from lots of customers.
    Our goal is to provide customers with the highest return on investment, personalized and professional consulting, optimal product selection and speedy onsite service. We firmly believe that our rich experience and actual strength will be a good solid foundation to satisfy you. We are worthy of your trust and choice! 

         Shanghai DV company  was established in March 2012, Otc. 2012 we launched DVB series roots vacuum pump to the market . Four modes at the beginning and improving develop it  to eight modes at  present. By the end of 2014 we will produce two specifications of DVS series screw vacuum pump. The existing staff of DV company is 25 people, more than 10 people in DV company are have  same experience in vacuum pump sales, manufacturing management, processing and assembling.
        Although our company is small, and set up in short time, but our ability and experience   in vacuum pump production, management, technology application are very strong. Depend on this, DV company has produce  and sale quantity of DVB roots vacuum pump more than 200 sets, and nearly 100 sets of various types of vacuum package in 2013 a year. With high quality and excellent service, we win the acception by the users .
        In order to achieve timely delivery and high product quality, DV company has been received ISO9001 quality and management system certification. DV company has set up a high efficient production process of quality and management to ensure high-quality products. DV company has a modern production equipment, equipped with large-scale machine center, CNC planer, multi axis CNC milling machine, drilling machine, lathe etc.
    The main core parts are all independently manufactured by ourself.
        We have all kinds of advanced professional manufacturing equipment, equipped with dynamic balancing machine, Pirani gauge, Macleod gauge, vibration meter, noise meter etc.  Implementation of strict produce process and quality management to ensure every machining parts have high precision and high quality, each product meet stringent specification and high quality.



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